Live online Storytelling Workshop – April 25th 2021

A little Story from France


There are no secrets – just hard work. I want to pass on my collected knowledge in this area in this workshop, no frills, just facts and personal experiences of things that actually work.  For me personally, the most important thing is to optimize your own approach on the day of the wedding so that a slideshow as seen above is extremely easy to archive, at every wedding! Accordingly to this, I will walk you through every szenario of the wedding day, so you can build a solid routine optimized for maximum output. Storytelling also plays a major role because for me it is the only sensible approach to deliver images that are free of trends and will be cherished for decades to come. The workshop is aimed at photographers who have already gained experience and want to expand their business as well as beginners in the wedding industry but dealing with your own camera is a basic requirement and will not be discussed with in this workshop. How to use natural light in- and outdoors is something that requires a lot of experience but with a few simple techniques will be mastered a lot faster. In the marketing part we discuss the many advertising options, many of them free, others very affordable and others a bit more expensive but also very effective. The often overlooked part in marketing is album sales, which is great way to more revenue from existing clients (which is obviously easier than finding new one). Furthermore a live editing session will of course be part of the workshop. If you are unsure whether this workshop is right for you, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME ANYTIME.


Destination weddings (actually paid for!)
Why posing doesn’t work
Natural light In- and outdoors
Business development and possibilities
Storytelling and Storytelling techniques
Workflow / Culling
How to sell albums



APRIL 25th 2021


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